What is audience+ ?

audience+ is the latest digital product created by Media Prima as an addition to enhance digital ad performance. Simply put, we can now reach the audience that matters the most to your business across multiple ad formats. This allows more precise audience targeting and minimize ad wastage, and essentially improve your campaign performance and driving efficiencies.

Having a team of data experts that uses market-leading technology to deliver the best audience data, we carefully filtered 16 premium 1st party audience segments for advertisers to choose from and will continue to offer more audience segments in the future.



Media Prima Group is the largest local digital media entity and has the 3rd largest audience reach after Google and Facebook in Malaysia. However, reach is often not sufficient, smart marketers should also look at premium inventories, brand safety, ad fraud prevention, and ad viewability, which are normally offered from local publishers like us due to the control in the content we have on our end.

We also deliver your ads in various formats – display, video, audio, rich media, etc. to close to 10 million unique users across Media Prima’s network.



Targets the most relevant audience segments based on their profile and online behavior

Delivers the right ad to the right person at the right time



Provides a complete understanding of your target audience

Provides deep audience insights to improve performance of future campaigns


Optimize Performance

Real-time campaign optimization

Ensures high quality traffic using audience engagement data



Automates the procedures of buying and selling display, mobile, video, content and audio

Rides on the use of technology to replace menial tasks


Minimize Wastage

Reach your right target audience

Deliver ads to relevant inventories

Interest Segments